Lake Mead
June 2, 2016
Wahweap (Lake Powell)
June 22, 2016
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Zion to Wahweap


So we loaded up the boat at Calville Marina Lake Mead, jumped through all the hoops of taking down the mast, and securing everything for the long drive ahead. Off we went in search of places unexplored…at least by us.

We chose a route leading up the north shore of Lake Mead that would eventually connect with the trusty Interstate 15 in between Moapa and Mesquite NV. It was a really cool drive and I don’t think we saw another vehicle for at least 2hrs! Totally different story once we hit the I15 as semi-trucks blew passed us left and right even though I was pushing 80mph. That’s about our max speed with this rig and I do mean max speed. I may wish to altar the set up down the road in order to make things a bit more stable and inspire more confidence when driving!

As people often do while driving through new places, Bailie kept a keen eye on the map and realized we would be passing through one of Utah’s greatest National Parks, Zion National Park. It can be a bit exhausting driving this rig so we thought why not a night stay in the park and do a little hiking? We started to get excited about the change in landscape and what was to come next! Up until this point we felt like the luckiest travelers on earth since every campsite, launch ramp, gas station, and cove looked like a ghost town. We were excited to explore Zion in all its glory with nobody around. Well we pulled into town only to discover our first bit of the summer tourist season! The place was packed!! We couldn’t pull our rig through the gates since its over 40 ft, we couldn’t stay at the only RV resort in walking distance to the cool stuff, and our only option would have been to stay outside of town and take a shuttle back in. We parked, “somewhat illegally” in a tour bus spot and walked around a bit.

Fukarwe Parking at Zion

Fukarwe Parking at Zion

I appreciate their desire to keep traffic out of the park, but we decided to push on. It was a beautiful place none the less and would like to go back when we don’t have the boat in tow…perhaps during the off season.

Looking at the map there is a road that goes straight through the park and onto the 89 which would take us to Lake Powell. Unfortunately, this road has a tunnel that only permits vehicles less than 40 feet. So that forced us to retrace our path and go around linking back up with the 89 in Kanab Ut right on the border of AZ. Construction on the road going uphill through some crazy mountain pass leaving only inches to spare on either side made this section a bit sketchy to say the least! I really wish I could have taken in the views, but Bailie said they were Amazing! Sometimes I have to rely on her eyes when things get hairy! Not all bad as the drive got better, scenery was amazing, and we stopped at some road side gift shop that had excellent homemade ice cream! This area of the country is littered with National Parks and we drove through a few of them, not stopping only because we wanted to get into Lake Powell. Our main goal is sailing on as many lakes as we can. We figure we can visit the parks without lakes to sail on some other time.

Fukarwe at the Wahweap RV park

Fukarwe at the Wahweap RV park

We pulled into Wahweap Marina in the evening and made our way quickly to the RV Resort in hopes of obtaining a spot before they closed. We got very lucky and someone had canceled so we got a spot big enough for both the RV and the boat. We could relax for the night and figure out tomorrows plans!



  1. Micah says:

    Just spotted the RV in Albuquerque, love the name and the mission. I hope your adventure is full of everything you had hoped, and more importantly, many things you never expected. Safe travels!

  2. Diana I. Berner says:

    What an awesome experience you both are having and of course Blue. This is the time to be doing all this and I hope you are getting a chance to relax. Kind of makes me jealous and wish I was doing this kind of travel also. Just be very careful and very aware of your surroundings. Take lots of pictures and make wonderful memories.
    Take care and talk soon.
    Love Mom

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