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Viva Las Vegas!

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Viva Las Vegas! The site of so many great times and so many not so great times…should be their slogan.   So we decided to stay a little off the strip since we are in a 55ft rig that is not so easily maneuvered through tight spaces. South Point Casino and Resort is the first large Casino when you come into Las Vegas from CA. We’ve driven past it every time we come here, but this time we decided to stay. Main reason for staying at South Point was that I didn’t want to drive our rig through the congested Vegas strip and all her temptations; also it was in close proximity to the Bass Pro Shop! We needed some hiking/camping supplies and NV taxes are more desirable than CA. If you don’t like going into a Bass Pro Shop, REI, or Cabelas than just stop following this blog right meow! Anyway, we got what we needed and maybe more, than it was time to venture off to the hotel in hopes of finding a comfortable bed and a relaxing couple days away from the RV, Boat, and the road.

It’s always fun to pull up to valet parking with the large RV and boat rig we have. The look on their faces is priceless. Not that I would ever let them park this thing, it’s just fun to do! So we parked as close as we could in front of the entrance and I went inside to check in…”like a boss”.

Reservations were made through Hotels.com so that was easy and we got a lot of attention with our logo and relatively large rig. This was on a Wednesday and there was to be a big rodeo the next weekend so lots of cowboys, trucks, and trailers were pulling in. We didn’t know it at the time, but South Point hosts a lot of rodeos and all kinds of different horse/farm shows. They certainly have the facilities for it with a large number of indoor stables and a huge indoor arena. Blue was a big hit being a cattle dog and all. If he wasn’t neutered we probably could have made some money breeding.  With him being a service dog we never have to pay any extra and he can go anywhere we do. So he got into his 2nd Casino and helped us win some money! Well Bailie, won $110 on a wheel of fortune slot machine while we were waiting for a table at the Mexican restaurant. It was Cinco de Mayo. Us being lovers of this holiday, how could we not partake in some chips & salsa, enchiladas, margaritas’, & tequila shots? Bailie’s lucky hand paid for dinner and off we went to bed with very full belly’s and a little tipsy from the tequila.

While at South Point we took advantage of their Spa called Spa Costa Del Sur. I wanted to treat Bailie to a spa day including a massage and some sort of salt scrub I hoped would be administered by a woman. After all she agreed to go on this adventure and has been a trooper so far on the first leg…not that she really had a choice. It takes a good woman who really loves you to undertake something like this! Little did I know she returned to the room with the best news ever…I could also partake in the spa and all of its luxuriousness! So I immediately changed and went downstairs while Bailie and Blue took a nap. She got me an hour massage and I was free to use the hot tub, cold tub, steam showers, dry saunas, and all the other amenities. I was literally the only one in the place so I once again felt…”like a boss!” I later found out that it only costs $35 for a day pass to use this spa. We may not stay here again since the rooms are subpar, but the spa is totally worth it especially if you want to sweat out the demons from the the night before or even get ready for another night on the town!

After 2 nights in Vegas we were off to Lake Mead and the Lake Mead RV Village.


  1. Cathy says:

    Sounds like you are having a ball….just a little jealous. Tom, at one time, wanted to sell the house, buy a RV and travel, but I was the cautious one. Probably sorry now. Love reading your blog and keeping up with your great adventures. Keep having fun….that is what life is all about.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Cathy! We are having so much fun. I am definitely the cautious one in this tribe. Sometimes it drives Trent nuts. Thanks for keeping tabs on us. We should have some more up here by the end of the day. Playing a little catch up while we have internet.

      Take Care,

  2. Leona says:

    I am loving your trip blog and vicariously living thru what you are experiencing! However, I LOVE Vegas and wish I could return one day! I loved everything about it as cheesy as some of it was! I got a chance to go to a large picturesque Cacti Nursery (MY FAV!) next to Chocolate factory out in the desert heading towards Arizona. Well worth it! The Spa sounds like just thing you guys needed! I’ll catch up with you both on the flip side of Nevada and hope you continue to enjoy the “dusty trail” with Blue! He is such a cute dog BTW! Be safe!
    Happy Dusty Trails!
    Leona 🙂

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