Departure Day…Windy Conditions.
April 14, 2016
Lake Mohave
May 4, 2016
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Pirate Cove Resort…Our First Stop


The California Oasis On The Colorado River!

Our first day was supposed to get us to the Pirate Cove Resort and Marina on the Colorado River just north of Lake Havasu City from Carlsbad Ca. However, strong winds upwards of 50mph forced us to hunker down in Barstow CA behind an Arbys, but near an outlet mall. All was not lost since we needed to pick up a few things, use a gift card we had, and the parking was free! The next day we set off early in the am for pirate cove only to encounter some crazy winds again. The crew decided to pull over and assess the situation. After checking the weather forecast and talking to some seasoned truck drivers we decided to push on with some “reassuring” advice that as long as we hold on tight and not go too fast, we’d be ok. Great! We were only about 40mi away and the thought of sleeping in another truck stop was less than appealing to say the least. After another hour or so of some white knuckle driving we pulled into Pirates Cove which would serve as our home for the next 2 weeks. It was good to test out the rig to see what our limitations will be, but left me wondering if we did enough to beef up the tow hitch. I considered adding airbags to the rear suspension and even met with a shop in Havasu for a quote. After thinking it over I decided to let it ride for a while and see how it goes. After all, we only barely scrapped a couple times and we could always add them later on down the road if we feel it necessary. In the future we will avoid driving in high wind conditions. Pirates Cove was an awesome place to stay and we would certainly recommend it to anyone traveling through the area with or without a boat or RV. Its location is great for a number of reasons. Its close enough to Lake Havasu to hit up the huge Wal-Mart for supplies without any trouble. Probably the biggest one we have ever seen! Also with our little dirt bike I was able to take some back roads into the small town of Needles where there is a DMV where we needed to finalize some paperwork. The facilities at Pirate Cove were very clean and the food/drinks were excellent. The staff was very welcoming and informative. Our spot was right next to a sandy beach which Blue loved. He can’t get enough of swimming in the fresh water and digging in the sand! It does however; sit on a narrow spot on the Colorado River which hindered our ability to sail. We wanted to check things out on the water before putting our boat in so we rented a jet ski. It had been a while since either of us had driven one, but it was a blast! The thing got up to 55mph and in no time we made it to Laughlin NV and back. More importantly it made us realize that sailing would have been possible, but we opted instead to remove the mast and just use the motor to check things out. It had been a while since we used the boat anyway so I wanted to make sure all systems were working properly. Our boat is a Tattoo 26, formally the Macgregor 26. This boat makes it very easy to remove the mast/sails and the 60hp outboard makes it a great power boat. We won’t win any speed races, but all boats are compromises and this one seems to be the best of both worlds whether you’re into sailing or power. One of our favorite features is the water ballast which allows us to beach the boat on sand and only requires 1ft of water to maneuver in. It was also really fun power up the river a ways, kill the engine, and float back down. The river seemed to keep us on course without having to steer or anything. We just put on some music, had some cocktails, and worked on our tans! Blue was especially happy to swim and get some much needed relieve from the heat! We had a great time at our first stop, but anxious to make our move up the river to Lake Mohave and Cottonwood Cove.


  1. Victoria A. Bickford says:

    You guys are the bravets Souls I know! I admire your planning and forethought on every detail of this adventure. We cannot wait to see you in the ATL!!!

    Be Safe and God Bless you both on this journey of Spirit, Bonding, Love and Adventure!
    All my Love,

  2. Janine Berner says:

    You guys are the bomb. Sorry it’s your step-mom saying it, but it is true. You are doing what everyone else wishes they could do. Be safe, be adventurous, be happy. Love you all three.


  3. Cooper says:

    Curious to know what sort of treats Blue dog has on this adventure…

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