Departure Day…Windy Conditions.
April 14, 2016
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Our New Home


Our New Home!

After Extensive research on RV's and making sure that our requirements were met for living on the road, we have found the one that met all our requirements. Requirements were not to picky and only few. It needed a full shower, a big enough bed to fit both of us and the blue dog, because he has to sleep with us. And it had to have enough power to pull our 26 foot Tattoo Sail boat. She's a beaut! 2016 Minnie Winnie. We are excited to get started on our journey. Next thing is pack up our stuff that we have collected through the last 10 years plus and cram it into a 12 foot boxed trailer. Shits getting real, real fast! It's ok though this journey has been 4 years in the making for us. And we are excited to start living.

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  1. Diane Barber says:

    Just Came Upon you and your vehicle while coming off of Tybee Island! Looks like they’re still cleaning up from the hurricane!! What a mess!! So we Googled your site and are impressed with your adventure!! We have been to many of the places but you have photos of! Hope you’re loving your journey and good luck!!

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