The Crew


El Capitan

Trent was born August 1981 and grew up in the small town of Grove City PA. As a child he went to summer camp at Camp-Kon-O-Kwee where he spent many days sailing dinghies and fishing on the lakes. He’s pretty sure this rooted his love of sailing and the outdoors. Most of his teenage summers were spent water skiing and camping on the Shenango and Kinzua Reservoirs. This is where he learned most of the boating and outdoor skills he uses today. He later attended Bloomsburg University, Penn State (Beaver Campus), and Slippery Rock University. He blames his love of baseball and extracurricular activities for this tour through some of Pennsylvania’s finest higher education establishments. Finally earning a business degree he moved across the country to San Diego Ca only to find himself selling cars for Enterprise Rental Car. Needless to say this did not satisfy his desires and a friend got him into the swimming pool service industry. After many years of hard work and a strong desire to create more meaning in his life, he bought a boat and dreamed of sailing away. Luckily he met the love of his life and his first mate Bailie who was actually willing to take on this adventure. They went through 3 boats and spent many hours planning the trip. Deciding to pull the boat across the country with an RV as opposed to sailing across oceans wasn’t the original plan, but one that seemed more practical which fits their personalities a little more. So they sold the business packed everything up and off they went to discover all the beautiful waterways and vistas this country has to offer.


First Mate

I was born in 1983 doing most of my growing up in Kansas and Texas. I'm a Kansas State Alumni with a Bachelor's degree in Apparel and Textile Design. If you would have asked me back then if I could picture myself doing what I am doing now I would have laughed and said NO. Now I can't picture my life not doing what we are doing. After graduating and hanging around working as a Manager for a Target, I moved to San Diego. To be more precise Carlsbad, to be closer to family. Doing many odd jobs in San Diego because there's not much you can do with a Apparel Design Degree Fresh out of college with no design experience, believe it or not. After moving to Carlsbad I made many friends all of which were mostly transplants like me, Whom introduced me to Trent. After many years of waiting he finally decided that the best bet was ME. LOL..(at least I like to think that). Well, and the rest Trent said it best in his Bio. Yes, it is sad packing up and moving away from our friends (whom we consider family) and our actual family who live there. The unknown can be very troublesome and give me great anxiety at times but I don't want to regret not doing what it is we are doing and the timing that we are doing it. The quote by Lewis Carroll keeps ringing in my head “IN THE END… We only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have,and the decisions we waited too long to make.” We had the opportunity and "OUR CHANCE" and we are taking full advantage of that. And waiting any longer our chance may have passed us by.


Deck Hand / Security

Arf Arf!! My name is Blue. I’m a male Queensland Healer/Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Healer. I was born January 8th 2013. Both of my parents are working dogs on a hidden ostrich and cattle farm in Ramona CA. When I was 8 weeks old I met my human’s for the first time. They showed up to play with me and my siblings. I really liked Bailie and didn’t want her to leave so I just kept giving her kisses and crawling on her lap. Lucky for them they decided to take me home. Ever since I realized that I was the lucky one. They take me everywhere with them and I get to do all kinds of cool things. We go on hikes through the woods, on the beach, in the mountains, up rivers, along lake shores, and even through the snow. I try and go slow so they can keep up, but sometimes they just take forever! My favorite thing to do is chase my ball or a stick. I will go and get it if you throw it. It’s kind of what I live for! They also take me sailing which is fun, but I mostly get bored and take naps on the boat. That’s also one of my favorite things to do. I sleep whenever I can, so that I can play really hard when the opportunity comes up. Not to mention I need to protect my humans and stand guard whenever someone or something approaches. I’ve been working on my mean dog growl although it’s all for show. When the day is over I get my dinner served to me and then we all crawl into bed. I will miss all the friends I made in CA, but I’m really looking forward to see where this trip takes us.