"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."

So we did it! After a couple years of planning and roughly a month of living in the driveway of the home we called ours for the last 4 years staring longingly at the ocean and the boat that would be our vessel of freedom. We sold the business, had 2 garage sales, canceled the utilities, forwarded the mail, took the dog to the vet, went to the dr. and dentist, wrapped up most of our loose ends (you can never remember everything!), partied with our friends whom we’ve come to consider family, hung out with our actual west coast family for many “last” dinners, packed a bunch of stuff in a trailer to be picked up some time in the future, dropped it off at a storage unit, then loaded the rest in our 23’ Winnebago and 26’ sailboat, hooked it all up and finally hit the road! Whew! That may seem like a lot, but that probably doesn’t even cover it. They say moving is the 2nd most stressful thing you do in life, but I think we must have added a whole other level in deciding to leave one of the greatest places in the country where we were doing pretty well, in order to go on this adventure in hopes to find the place we will eventually settle down. Who knows, maybe our travels will bring us full circle and back to the great city of Carlsbad. For now we are going to focus on the road and water in front of us. Thank you to all who helped make this possible and those who have motivated us to follow our dreams.
The purpose of this blog/website is to keep those interested in our travels up to date and give us something to do during our downtime. Bailie is the mastermind behind its creation and her amazing web design skills have made it what it is! She will continue to run her business Designs by Bailie while on the road. So if anyone needs a web designer, look no further. We will continue to update and add new content when we get the chance. Please do not judge us on the writing as I have never claimed to be an award winning author.


We may be a bit behind on posting stories from our adventure. But, our face book page is more up to date. So, check us out! FUKARWE ADVENTURES

Where The Fukarwenow?

August 30, 2016

Land Excursions: Part 1

Since the boat trailer needed the new axle and we had a couple weeks to spare we found some sweet spots to check out that we […]
July 1, 2016

Boat Trailer Blues

Before we launched from the Wahweap marina for that awesome time sailing and exploring Lake Powell, I had noticed the inside tread on our boat trailer […]
June 22, 2016

Wahweap (Lake Powell)

The Wahweap RV Resorts was great and also very busy forcing us to get our shit together and the boat in the water the day after […]
June 6, 2016

Zion to Wahweap

So we loaded up the boat at Calville Marina Lake Mead, jumped through all the hoops of taking down the mast, and securing everything for the […]
June 2, 2016

Lake Mead

Feeling rested and relaxed we packed up and headed to the familiar waters of Lake Mead. We first sailed this lake on our original 1979 Macgregor […]
May 4, 2016
photo from facebook

Viva Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas! The site of so many great times and so many not so great times…should be their slogan.   So we decided to stay a […]
May 4, 2016

Lake Mohave

Putting Havasu in our wake we made our way up the Colorado River and onto Lake Mojave. But first, we had to stop in at Laughlin, […]
April 27, 2016

Pirate Cove Resort…Our First Stop

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